Repair Service for ENT Instruments

We offer repair services for our ENT Instruments and those of other manufacturers!

For repairs and reclamations please contact your local distributor.
Please use the following forms (distributors only).

With a portfolio of over 3,500 instruments, SPIGGLE & THEIS has made a name for itself over the years as a full-service provider of ENT surgery products.

Well-designed instruments are extremely durable, nevertheless repairs may be necessary due to wear and tear or improper handling. Repairs are often a good alternative to a new purchase. Our experienced specialists can repair any instrument used in ENT surgery – quickly and reliably.


Returning used medical products / filing a claim

Declaration of hygiene status and decontamination of returned goods

Prior to returning instruments and products that have been used in an operation or for diagnostics, you must completely clean, disinfect and (if possible – see treatment instructions for the product) sterilize them and provide proof of sterilization and appropriate packaging to prevent the risk of infection or injury to third parties.

For information on complete treatments, see the chapter "Instructions for Treatment and Sterilization" in the product's instruction manual.

Please fill out our declaration of hygiene status and decontamination of returned goods completely and include it in your return shipment.

Form for declaration of hygiene status and decontamination of returned goods:

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse contaminated products.
A fee of €190,00 will be charged if reprocessing is required.


Do you wish to file a claim for your goods?

Please complete our claim form and include it in your return shipment or send it to us by email: vigilance@spiggle-theis.com

Claim form: