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    Autologous fat
    as a filler for
    glottal insufficiency

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    Balloon Dilation System
    for Eustachian Tube

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    Absorbable Hemostats

    For local haemostasis

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    Prof. Panetti

    Endoscopic / Microscopic Instruments
    for Middle Ear Surgery

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Autologous fat as a filler for glottal insufficiency
Vocal fold augmentation has been an established method of treating glottal insufficiency. It is a minimally invasive procedure that quickly restores the patients natural voice - using autologous fat.


Blocked ears?

Our patient website: blocked-ears.com to assist the ENT doctors
Often it is not possible for the doctor to reach the patient within a few minutes ...

Quality “Made in Germany“

The quality and reliability of our products, and thus the satisfaction of our customers and their patients, are our top priority. In this sense, we face the challenges of the market every day and will continue to be a reliable and fair partner for you in the future.