Ear Tampons

Ear Tampons

Ear tampons are used for post otoplasty tamponing of the outer acoustic canal and outer ear drum. They are made of diverse materials, most commonly used today are; gelatin, PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol) and cotton.

Ear tampons protect the operated area from external, mechanical influences and can be used in the application of antibiotics.

Tampons, PVA, sterile

  • Expanding ear tampon for post-tympanoplastic tamponing of the external acoustic canal
  • With or without central lumen
  • Single, sterile packaging

Not suitable for application in the middle ear or implantation!
Must be kept constantly moist for the entire duration of use!

In order to prevent the tampon adhering to tissue after tympanoplasty, it is absolutely vital that strips of silicone sheeting (e.g. Art.No. 1710000 or 1710001) are applied to the eardrum and the walls of the external acoustic canal.
PVA Tamponaden
In the picture above: delivery condition (dry)
In the picture below: expanded state (wet)
Art. No.SizeFeaturePackaging
664009 x 15 mmwith lumen50 pieces / box
6641012 x 24 mmwithout lumen20 pieces / box
664209 x 15 mmwithout lumen50 pieces / box