HighSpeed Drill Handpieces
Supreme control and usability in everyday use


Thanks to their optimized ergonomics and the integrated SecureLock and QuickRelease systems, the SPIGGLE & THEIS handpieces guarantee optimum control and maximum user comfort.


  • Low vibration
  • SecureLock - Acoustic and tactile feedback confirms the correct and safe attachment of the handpiece
  • QuickRelease - For easy and safe release of rotating instruments. Thanks to the special drill shank and the QuickRelease function, fast drill replacement during surgery becomes child's play.
  • 70 mm, straight, 80.000 rpm (Art.-No. 78HG1070)
  • 70 mm, angled, 80.000 rpm (Art.-No. 78HW1070)

Drill shaft

The shaft coupling guarantees a secure locking of the rotating instrument with the handpiece

Irrigation Set for Cooling Agent

  • Pre-installed fixing clips on hose set
  • Sterile
  • Single use
  • 10 pieces/box
  • Art.No. 78ZS07

Bendable cooling tube

  • For HighSpeed drill handpieces, suitable for 78HG1070 and 78HW1070
  • Constant flow
  • For flexible alignment
  • With profile for better grip
  • Sterile
  • Single use
  • 20 pieces / box

Art.Nr. 78KSHS


Special Oil Spray

  • Maintenance spray for drill handpieces, electronic motors and instruments
  • Art. No.   00-108-005


  • For application of special oil spray for electronic motors
  • Art. No   78AM01


Application of special oil spray is essential for proper functioning of motors and handpieces.