Middle Ear Implants

In otoplasty, middle ear implants serve as replacements for damaged or redundant ossicles. They restore the defect mechanical chain of sound transmission between the tympanum and the stapes footplate.

There are two basic types of middle ear implants:

1. Total implants, or TORP ( Total Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis) – total ossicular replacement; functional stapes footplate
2. Partial implants, or PORP ( Partial Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis) – partial ossicular replacement; stapes still present, stapes footplate functional

Ossicular chain intact

Ossicular chain intact

Incus missing

Incus missing

with PORP


with TORP


Theoretically, stapes prostheses belong to the classification of middle ear implants. However, due to the wide variety of shapes and procedures, they are grouped into their own category. Titanium has established itself as the dominant material used for middle ear implants today. Titaniums specific qualities are clearly better suited than those of gold. This is especially so with regard to biocompatibility and biostability, as well as the purely mechanical qualities.

We can offer our titanium middle ear implants in either a trimable two-part version (removable head or shoe), or a single-part version. This applies to both - total and partial implants. Further product specifications can be found on the appropriate pages.

Information concerning the MRI-Safety is stored here: