SPIGGLE & THEIS Medizintechnik GmbH was founded as a family-owned company in 1994 in Dieburg near Darmstadt. Since then, SPIGGLE & THEIS has been developing and distributing its products in over 75 countries worldwide. By keeping an eye on the market, the company is able respond directly to specific requirements, meeting the needs of its customers. SPIGGLE & THEIS is a highly innovative company thanks to its close collaboration with doctors and healthcare professionals, who are involved in every step of product development, from the idea to the finished product.
Thanks to these unique partnerships and a continued focus on the well-being of the patient, SPIGGLE & THEIS has become the global specialist in ears, nose and throat surgery over the past 30 years.


  • Our TubaVent® Balloon Dilatation System for Eustachian Tube Dysfunction is now FDA approved.

  • Our warehouse now shines thanks to a 500 square meter sun deck made of solar panels. In addition to office and storage space, we are also electrifying our mobility. With this measure, we are taking a big step towards our goal of greater sustainability - for our environment.




  • Premium Line Scissors - A generation of scissors that sets new standards and revolutionizes cutting behavior in a way never before imagined

  • Blakesley Comfort Series - Quick and easy opening of the sliding shaft


Premium Scissors




  • Kai Schlömer becomes managing director
  • After 27 successful years, the two company founders David Spiggle and Detlef Theis left the company to take on a new challenge: retirement. We would like to thank you very much for your life's work and we can now look forward to a positive future with the two managing directors Kai Schlömer and Bernd Schnieber.
  • Trachealator - Treatment of airway stenosis with simultaneous ventilation


CEO Kai Schloemer


CEO Kai Schloemer


  • Majority Stake Thyssen’sche Handelsgesellschaft


Overath / Mülheim an der Ruhr, 6. November 2020

Thyssen’sche Handelsgesellschaft mbH, a renowned German Family Office located in Mülheim an der Ruhr, is acquiring a majority stake in SPIGGLE & THEIS Medizintechnik GmbH with immediate effect.

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  • VoiceInject®

    Vocal fold augmentation has been an established and effective method of treating glottal insufficiency.

    It is a minimally invasive procedure that quickly restores the patients natural voice. Patients themselves favour this procedure because of the body’s high acceptance rate and the benefits of using the patients‘ own fat.


Injection needle and lipo harvesting cannula


  • The German Society of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery e.V. awards Charles Schraut, our long time employee, with the medal of merit for his remarkable commitment and support of the cooperation between researching medical device manufacturers and scientific ENT medicine.


Dazert, Schraut
Prof. S. Dazert hands over the medal to Mr. Charles Schraut



  • SPIGGLE & THEIS has a new look

SPIGGLE & THEIS Medizintechnik GmbH has stood for innovation, inspiration and passion since its founding in 1994. To ensure continued success, we have decided to further develop our marketing strategy and renew our brand's visual identity.

The relaunch of the SPIGGLE & THEIS corporate design is bringing us into a new era while continuing to bind us to the tradition of our brand – providing innovative and high-quality products that are helping to shape the future of ENT surgery.

Our new corporate design emphasizes the relationship between the emotional and the essential. A subtly redesigned logo, a more elegant typography and a more modern layout, together with emotional images, redefine our brand's clarity and authenticity.

With this in mind, our tried and tested company philosophy with its new look is committed to today's challenges.


Old design...


Homepage, neu
...and our redesign! Our new website is much more appealing and user friendly in terms of optics, navigation and content.

  • Host of the first International EES/ECHO Symposium in Germany (Berlin)
“The speakers’ contributions demonstrated that endoscopic ear surgery has clear and demonstrable benefits. An increasing number of ear surgeons and surgical centers around the world are using this innovative, minimally invasive surgical technique with great success.
The excellent feedback means we will be holding another symposium on Endoscopic Ear Surgery in future. The experience and expert knowledge gained from this symposium was very useful for all participants.”
Prof. Dr. Preyer
The symposium was attended by Otologists from around the world, who were addressed by keynote lectures in the field of Endoscopic Instrumentation, Cholesteatoma, Stapedotomy, Myringoplasty and Endoscopic Lateral Skull Base Surgery as well as historical overviews on the development of this new method from the very founders of the technique, Prof. Jean Marc Thomassin (France) and Prof. Muaaz Tarabichi (UAE).


  • German Association of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery presents SPIGGLE & THEIS with Gold Badge of Honor
  • New SpeedSurg drill and shaver system for HighSpeed and LowSpeed applications




  • Introduction of the probing and flushing catheter TubaClean® for the Tuba Eustachii




  • Host of the first international symposium for the treatment of chronic tube dysfunction in Hamburg
Drawing on five years of experience in balloon dilatation of the Eustachian tube, SPIGGLE & THEIS and the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf jointly hosted the first international symposium for the treatment of tube dysfunction.


Renowned ENT specialists from 19 countries shared and discussed their experience with balloon dilatation of the Eustachian tube. In addition to important scores and tools for indication and diagnosis, participants shared their experience on surgical challenges and discussed suggestions and case studies.
The symposium highlighted that tube dilatation is an effective, quick and safe method for treating chronic tube ventilation disorder and that it will be increasingly adopted by practitioners.


BET Congress Hamburg


  • 20 years company anniversary
  • Introduced a complete endoscopy solution for ENT diagnostics and ENT surgery






  • New Panetti Set:
    First ever instrument set for endoscopic ear surgery


  • New Overath location:
    Two-story office building; warehouse; large conference and training room






  • Introduced a complete instrument set for laryngeal and oral cavity instruments


Larynx Instrumente


Mundhöhle Instrumente


  • Introduction of the Balloon Catheter TubaVent® for dilatation of the Tuba Eustachii
Ballonkatheter TubaVent®


  • Bernd Schnieber appointed third managing director
  • Introduced a complete instrument set for otology and rhinology


CEO Bernd Schnieber


Otologie Rhinologie Instrumente


  • New ENT Instrument Division:
    Launched complete portfolio of sinus surgery instruments


NNH Instrumente


  • German Association of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery presents Detlef Theis with Medal of Achievement




  • Introduced the flexible lid chain made of platinum/iridium for restoring dynamic closure of the eye




  • Introduced our first micro drill and shaver system "DT 55"




  • First company world-wide introducing titanium middle ear implants with removable heads for shortening


Middle Ear Implants


  • Introduction of the first titanium ventilation tube


Paukenröhrchen Titan


  • First own product: ear bandage




  • Founded in Dieburg by David Spiggle and
    Detlef Theis


David Spiggle
David Spiggle


Detlef Theis
Detlef Theis