TubaVent® Balloon Dilatation System

For more than 10 years, we have been the pioneer and market leader in Europe in Eustachian tube dilatation. Our system offers solutions that fulfill all requirements for a patient-friendly treatment of Eustachian tube dysfunction.

The Eustachian tube in adults is a narrow, tube-like connection between the pharynx and the middle ear. It is lined with respiratory epithelial tissue and consists of a long cartilaginous part on the side of the pharynx as well as a short bony part towards the eardrum.
The Eustachian tube enables a pressure balance between the middle ear and throat, dissipates secretions from the middle ear to the pharynx, and protects the middle ear from germs that rise up from the throat.
A complete understanding of this complex structure in reference to the function and pathological development of diseases has occupied the field of medicine for decades.
At SPIGGLE & THEIS Medizintechnik GmbH, we are proud of our network of experts and our decades-long experience in this specialty field. To be able to treat ventilation issues and dysfunctions of the Eustachian tube reliably, we have developed our system, which has become a recognized treatment method in the field of medicine. Over 125,000 TubaVent® placements since its international market introduction in 2010 speak for our success.


The TubaVent® short and the TubaVent® short wide are Eustachian tube dilatation catheters, which, combined with the TubaInsert insertion device, allow a precise and straightforward application. The olive-shaped catheter tip ensures enhanced protection of the mucosa and soft anatomical structures.


TubaVent® short and TubaVent® short wide

  • The olive-shaped tip ensures enhanced protection of the mucosa

  • Controlled dilatation

Prof. Tisch

Prof. Dr. med. habil. Matthias Tisch
Honorary Doctorate in Medicine
Jordan University of
Science and Technology (JUST),
Medical Director Clinic and
Polyclinic for Otolaryngology,
Head and Neck Surgery,
Bundeswehr Hospital Ulm, Germany

The TubaVent® catheters, in combination with the singleuse TubaInsert insertion device, provide a comfortable, safe,
and reliable application for a successful treatment.

Prof. Dr. M. Tisch
  • TubaVent® short (Art. No. 2080-1236320-US)
    WL 236 mm, balloon 3.28 x 20 mm*, sterile

  • TubaVent® short wide (Art. No. 2080-12364520-US)
    WL 236 mm, balloon 4.94 x 20 mm*, sterile


Insertion device, sterile

Typ 45°
  • 45°, short bending, 10 pieces / box
    (Art. No. 2080-2045-US)

  • Short insertion path and easy handling in confined anatomical conditions

  • Optimal, ergonomic, and serrated grip enables comfortable handling
  • Single patient use

Inflation device, sterile

  • 30 ml syringe with lockable plunger and Luer-Lock connector

  • Pressure gauge with 0 to 30 atm and PSI scale

  • 50 cm extension tube

  • Compatible with TubaVent® short and TubaVent® short wide

  • Single use
  • Art. No. 2080-9030040-US