HighSpeed Rotating Instruments
sterile, length I, 1 piece/box

Skilled workmanship and inventive design are the driving forces of our rotating instruments. The design guarantees low-vibration drilling and milling work with the highest precision. Different geometries and different diameters allow excellent operative results. The distinctive cutting geometry of the A-toothing concept makes it unique in its class and enables superior nontraumatic, fast drilling and milling.

We have provided our sterile disposable burs with a black color coding - for fast and secure assignment.

We have also introduced sterile reusable versions of our rotating instruments. We have marked them with an "X" at the end of the article number.

HST760605   = sterile, disposable
HST760605X = sterile, reusable
  • Drill heads with asymmetrical cutting design
  • Low vibration

sterile, length I, 1 piece/box

Art. No.BladesHead diameter (mm)
HST760605(X) 60.5
HST760608(X) 60.8
HST760610(X) 6 1.0
HST760614(X) 61.4
HST760618(X) 6 1.8
HST760623(X) 6 2.3
HST740831(X) 8 3.1
HST741040(X) 10 4.0
HST741250(X) 12 5.0
HST741460(X) 14 6.0
  • Nontraumatic, fast drilling and milling
  • Low vibration

Steel, A-toothing
sterile, length I, 1 piece/box

Art. No.BladesHead diameter (mm)
HSSMA7431(X) 10 3.1
HSSMA7440(X) 124.0
HSSMA7450(X) 145.0
HSSMA7460(X) 166.0
  • Dense and regular diamond distribution for precise grinding

Diamond, medium grain
sterile, length I, 1 piece/box

Art. No.Head diameter (mm)
HSDMD7604(X) 0.4
HSDMD7606(X) 0.6
HSDMD7608(X) 0.8
HSDMD7610(X) 1.0
HSDMD7614(X) 1.4
HSDMD7618(X) 1.8
HSDMD7623(X) 2.3
HSDMD7431(X) 3.1
HSDMD7440(X) 4.0
HSDMD7450(X) 5.0
HSDMD7460(X) 6.0
  • Coarse diamond coating for quick and easy bone shaving and grinding

Diamond, super coarse grain
sterile, length I, 1 piece/box

Art. No.Head diameter (mm)
HSDR27623(X) 2.3
HSDR27431(X) 3.1
HSDR27440(X) 4.0
HSDR27450(X) 5.0
HSDR27460(X) 6.0

Stand for rotating instruments, HighSpeed

  • Stainless steel
  • Sterilizable
  • For 16 burs

  • Art. No. BS7800116