Occlusion Dressing, sterile

Hydrocolloid plaster as occlusion plaster


  • Follow-up treatment after sinonasal surgery (endonasal sinus surgery, nasal septum surgery, turbinate surgery, endonasal laser surgery, transnasal neurosurgical operations, endonasal lacrimal surgery)
  • Surgical treatment of choanal atresia or CSF fistula
  • Moist wound treatment of endonasal injuries
  • Moist wound treatment of dry nose
  • Intermittent and continuous therapy of Osler‘s disease
The occlusion plaster is a hydroactive, sterile and self-adhesive wound dressing for moist wound treatment. In this special butterfly-like shape the wound dressing is used for the occlusion of the nose and sinuses by closing the nostrils. The dressing provides a moist wound environment that promotes physiological healing processes. The plaster may be used for a maximum of two days. 
Art. No. DimensionsPackaging
34-55221655 x 22 x 16 mm 30 pieces / box (sterile, single packed)