nasal packings

Nasal Tampons (PVA), latex-free

Nasentamponade - PVA


Period of usage should not exceed 5 days!


  • Expands evenly after moistening with an appropriate liquid
  • Lint and fibre free, no migration of PVA particles
  • Soft pliable sponge when wet
  • Takes on appropriate anatomical form
  • Highly absorbent
  • Safety thread
  • Single, sterile packaging

Application note

  • Pay attention to the enclosed instructions!
  • Can be easily trimmed in dry state
  • Not to be used for implantation
  • Only use water based liquids
  • The tampons must be kept moist during the entire duration of use
  • Thoroughly moisten before withdrawal

Expanding Epistaxis Nasal Tampons, PVA, sterile, latex-free

  • Application as epistaxis tampon to arrest bleeding in medial or posterior nasal area, or post-operative usage
  • Three sizes available
  • Pediatric form suitable for small children
  • 15 cm safety thread
  • Single, sterile packaging
  • 20 pieces / box
Expandierende Epistaxistamponade, expandierend, PVA
Tampon - pediatric
Expandierende Epistaxistamponade, PVA
Tampon - medium
Art. No.DescriptionDimensions
66200large, curved100 x 15 x 25 mm
66210medium, straight55 x 15 x 25 mm
66220pediatric, straight35 x 15 x 25 mm