Silicone Sheeting for Rhinology

Silicone sheeting has a wide range of application possibilities in ENT- surgery today.

The material properties of silicone play an important role: it is smooth, has an anti-adhesive surface, is flexible and - depending on the thickness - still stable. It is possible to manufacture nearly every thickness. The sheeting can also be easily cut to the desired shape and size by the user.

The thinner sheets are preferred in otosurgery, whilst the thicker versions are often used in rhinological surgery, e.g. as septal buttons.
The period of time in which all the offered forms of silicone sheeting can remain undisturbed in the body must not exceed 30 days!
All our silicone sheeting are free from latex!
Silikonfolien Rhinologie

Silicon Sheeting, "cut-to-size", non steril

  • High quality medical grade silicone
  • Can be easily cut to size


Silicone Sheeting with a thickness of 0.13 mm can be found in the category Otology / Silicone Sheeting

Art. No.DimensionsFeaturesThicknessColorPackaging
2030040300 x 300 mmshore 401.00 mm transparent1 piece
2030050300 x 300 mmshore 401.25 mm transparent1 piece
1760100*300 x 300 mmshore 601.00 mm transparent1 piece
1760100-B*300 x 300 mmshore 601.00 mmblue1 piece
1780100-B*300 x 300 mmshore 801.00 mmblue1 piece
1762100-BSU70 x 55 mmshore 601.00 mmblue25 pieces
1762100-BSU-10070 x 55 mmshore 601.00 mmblue100 pieces
1762100-SU70 x 55 mmshore 601.00 mmtransparent25 pieces
*Surface with Lotus leaf effect prevents adhesion of secretions / tissue