Hero - Motorensysteme Low


Shaver Blades

  • Single use
  • Sterile
  • 10.5 cm
  • 5 pieces / box

Art.-No.Cutting geometriesAngleInner Ø  
78SB130Spike Cutter3.5 mm 
78SB230Spike Cutter4.0 mm 
78SB330Spike Cutter4.5 mm 
78SB100Agg. Full Radius3.5 mm 
78SB200Agg. Full Radius4.0 mm 
78SB300Agg. Full Radius4.5 mm 
78SB315Agg. Full Radius15°3.4 mmconcave
78SB131-CSpike Cutter15°3.5 mmconcave
78SB131-CEXSpike Cutter15°3.5 mmconvex
78SB231-C Spike Cutter15°4.0 mmconcave
78SB231-CEX Spike Cutter15°4.0 mmconvex
78SB415Agg. Full Radius15°4.2 mmconcave
78SB330-C Spike Cutter30°3.4 mmconcave
78SB331Agg. Full Radius30°3.4 mmconcave
78SB430Agg. Full Radius30°4.2 mmconcave
78SB430-CSpike Cutter30°4.2 mmconcave
78SB340Agg. Full Radius40°3.4 mmconcave
78SB134-C Spike Cutter40°3.5 mmconcave
78SB234-C Spike Cutter40°4.0 mmconcave
78SB234-CEXSpike Cutter40°4.0 mmconvex
78SB440Agg. Full Radius40°4.2 mmconcave
78SB136-CSpike Cutter60°3.5 mmconcave
78SB236-C Spike Cutter60°4.0 mmconcave
78SB236-CEX Spike Cutter60°4.0 mmconvex
78SB206-CEXAggr. Full Radius60°4.0 mmconcave
Spike Cutter
Spike Cutter
Aggressive Full Radius
Aggressive Full Radius

Sinus burs

  • Sterile
  • Single use
  • 10.5 cm
  • 5 pieces / box
Nitinol PTFE 0,4mm
  • Concave = distal opening at the concave side of bending
  • Convex = distal opening at the convex side of bending

Cutting geometriesAngleInner Ø
78SBO1R0Rose3.5 mmstraight
78SBO1R1Rose15°3.5 mmconcave
78SBO1R6Rose60°3.5 mmconcave
78SBO1D1Diamond15°3.5 mmconcave
78SBO1W6Cylindrical60°3.5 mmconcave