Treatment of airway stenosis with simultaneous ventilation

  • Multiple dilations possible
  • Suitable for jet insufflation
  • No limitation of dilatation time
  • Gentle, efficient and sustainable treatment
  • Design award


Autologous fat as a filler for glottal insufficiency

  • Autologous fat for optimal biocompatibility
  • No injection of synthetic material
  • Minimally invasive treatment with maximum patient comfort
  • Can last up to 2+ years
  • Injection and harvesting cannula designed for optimal application and protection of the harvested fat cells
  • Sterile system
ear speculum

MENTIO - ENT single use Instruments

Disposable instruments - an economical and safe alternative

  • Disposable instruments for the highest quality demands
  • Matt surface for reduced light reflection
  • Save yourself reprocessing time
  • Ready to use
  • No preparation, repairs or logistics required
  • No residual contamination
ear speculum
Mentio speculum

Panetti Instruments

We introduced additional Panetti instruments for endoscopic/microscopic middle ear surgery

  • Suction finder for examining the antrum
  • Suction dissectors for cholesteatoma removal
  • Suction sickle knives for cutting tissue
  • Suction curette for removing bone structures

Handpiece and burs for CI procedures

We introduced additional drills and a CI HighSpeed drill handpiece for our SpeedSurg drill and shaver system

  • Blue CI HighSpeed drill handpiece
  • Low-profile and conical CI drills
  • Color-coded CI drills
  • "Secure Lock" for secure drill fixation
CI-Handstueck mit Bohrer