nasal splints

Internal Nasal Splints, Fluoroplastic, bivalve splints, sterile

  • Bivalve splint, provides septal support
  • Fluoroplastic prevents adhesion
  • Easy insertion and removal
  • Punched suture holes
  • Available in two sizes and three thicknesses
  • Sterile, ready to use
Nasal Splint
Nasal Splint small
Art. No.SizeThicknessPackaging
2042025large0.25 mm5 pairs / box
2042025-Slarge0.25 mm10 pieces / box
2042050large0.50 mm5 pairs / box
2042050-Slarge0.50 mm10 pieces / box
2042075large0.75 mm5 pairs / box
2042075-Slarge0.75 mm10 pieces / box
2041025standard0.25 mm5 pairs / box
2041025-Sstandard0.25 mm10 pieces / box
2041050standard0.50 mm5 pairs / box
2041050-Sstandard0.50 mm10 pieces / box
2041075standard0.75 mm5 pairs / box
2041075-Sstandard0.75 mm10 pieces / box

Internal Nasal Splints, Fluoroplastic, falciform, sterile

  • Self-lubricating characteristics of fluoroplastic prevent crustination
  • Falciform
Art. No.SizeThicknessPackaging
2044050standard0.50 mm5 pairs / box

Internal Nasal Splints, Fluoroplastic, "cut-to-size", sterile

  • Cut-to-size
  • Packed in pairs
Interne Nasenschiene, modellierbar
Art. No.SizeThicknessPackaging
204302564 x 38 mm0.25 mm5 pairs / box
2043050 64 x 38 mm0.50 mm5 pairs / box