Stapes Prostheses, Titanium 

  • Under soft pressure of a forceps the hook closes equally and grabs perfectly without any reduction of blood flow.
  • Two different shaft diameters
  • Single, sterile packaging
Insert length
  • The shortenable stapes prostheses can be shortened up to a overall length of 4.25 mm (= insert length of 3.25 mm).

Titanium, 1 piece, sterile

Art. No.FeatureInsert lengthShaft Ø
10640425 4.25 mm0.4 mm
10640450 4.50 mm0.4 mm
10640475 4.75 mm0.4 mm
10640700shortenable7.00 mm0.4 mm
10660425 4.25 mm0.6 mm
10660450 4.50 mm0.6 mm
10660475 4.75 mm0.6 mm
10660700shortenable7.00 mm0.6 mm
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