Sterile Microscope Covers

Sterile Mikroskop-Abdeckungen für Zeiss- und Möller-Wedel-Mikroskope


  • Material: Polyethylene (Latex-free)
  • Lens (Polycarbonate) standard version = Ending F (in article number) or
    Lens high quality version = Ending H (in article number)
  • Angled lens cover = Ending G (in article number)
  • Enforced lensering = Ending X (in article number)
  • Glass lens = Ending GL (in article number)
  • EO-sterilized
  • Single, sterile packaging

For Zeiss or Möller-Wedel Microscopes

Art. No.DimensionsShapeLens- ØPackaging
2548020F50 x 155 cmA48 mm10 pieces / box
2548030F125 x 67 x 155 cmB48 mm10 pieces / box
2548040F135 x 80 x 155 cmC48 mm10 pieces / box
2548050F115 x 180 cmD48 mm10 pieces / box
2548070F115 x 260 cmD48 mm10 pieces / box
2548090H115 x 210 cmD48 mm10 pieces / box
2565020H115 x 180 cmD65 mm10 pieces / box
2565030H115 x 260 cmD65 mm10 pieces / box
2565030HG*115 x 260 cmD65 mm10 pieces / box
2565030HX115 x 260 cmD65 mm10 pieces / box
2565035H120 x 260 cmE (handgrips)65 mm10 pieces / box
2565040H115 x 300 cmD65 mm10 pieces / box
2565040HG*115 x 300 cmD65 mm10 pieces / box
2565050H115 x 210 cmD65 mm10 pieces / box
2565060F135 x 80 x 155 cmC65 mm10 pieces / box
2565070F50 x 160 cmA65 mm10 pieces / box
2565080H125 x 67 x 155 cmB65 mm10 pieces / box
2565080HX125 x 67 x 155 cmB65 mm 10 pieces / box
2565090H137 x 260 cmD65 mm5 pieces / box
2565100H137 x 380 cmD65 mm5 pieces / box
2565120F50 cm diametercap-shaped65 mm10 pieces / box
2565120FXL130 cm diametercap-shaped65 mm10 pieces / box
2500010universal (35 x 14 cm)handgrips-20 pairs / box
*angled lens cap

Without observer tubes or other accessories 


With extended monocular observer tubes


With binocular observer tubes 

Sterile Mikroskopabdeckung

With binocular observer tubes 

Sterile Mikroskopabdeckung
With binocular observer tubes and handgrips

For Leica and Wild-Leitz Microscopes

Art. No.DimensionsShapeLens- ØPackaging
2500110H*115 x 180 cmD70 mm10 pieces / box
2500120H*115 x 260 cmD70 mm10 pieces / box
2500130H*137 x 265 cmD70 mm5 pieces / box
2500140H*115 x 300 cmD70 mm10 pieces / box
2500140F115 x 300 cmD70 mm10 pieces / box
2500150H137 x 380 cmD70 mm5 pieces / box
2510110H**115 x 300 cmD87.5 mm5 pieces / box
2520110H137 x 380 cmD105 mm10 pieces / box
* Angled lens cap for diameters of 70 mm and 87.5 mm
** For Leica M680
Angled lens cap

NEW - Sterile Covers with Glass Lens for Microscope Covers from Zeiss or Möller-Wedel

Glass lenses are the gold standard. Thanks to their unsurpassed transparency, the image transmission allows you the best possible sight in the OR.


  • Scratch-proof
  • High quality glass ensures a clear view
  • Perfect fit
  • No image distortion when zooming
2565030GL115 x 260 cmD 65 mm10 pieces / box
2565035GL 115 x 300 cmE (handgrips)65 mm10 pieces /box
2565040GL 115 x 300 cmD65 mm10 pieces / box
2565090GL 137 x 260 cmD 65 mm5 pieces / box
2565100GL137 x 380 cmD* 65 mm5 pieces / box
2500130GL137 x 265 cmD**70 mm5 pieces / box

* For Zeiss microscopes
** With angled lens cap for Leica microscopes

Lens cap
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