Bendable cooling tube

  • For HighSpeed drill handpieces, suitable for 78HG1070 and 78HW1070
  • For flexible alignment
  • With profile for better grip
  • Sterile
  • Single use
  • 20 pieces / box

Art.Nr. 78KSHS


Irrigation Set for Cooling Agent

  • Pre-installed fixing clips on hose set
  • Sterile
  • Single use
  • 10 pieces/box
  • Art.No. 78ZS07

Foot Pedal Vario IPX8 for Micro Drill and Shaver System

  • Coolant control
  • Program selection
  • Motor control
  •  Art. No. 78FS01

Special Oil Spray

  • Maintenance spray for drill handpieces, electronic motors and instruments
  • Art. No. 78PS01


Application of special oil spray is essential for
proper functioning of motors and handpieces.


  • For application of special oil spray for handpieces
  • Art. No. 78AH01


  • For application of special oil spray for electronic motors
  • Art. No. 78AM01

System Screen Basket

For drilling handpieces and electronic motors, including flush plug

  • Multi-system basket 236 x 236 x 48 (43), large grid, buffering elements
  • Multi-system cover 239 x 239 x 7, closure
  • Hanger bracket, rotatable
  • Stop pin
  • 3-step stepped sleeve
  • Universal fixation, cheese-head screw (standard)
  • Flexible holding band, 2 x holder segment
  • Plate 5 mm, Ø 10 mm, Ø 4 mm hole, blue
  • Flat adapter nut
  • Multiadapter with 1 x special thread on the outside and inside
  • Sinking tube with 2 x plug-in adapter with seal, quick fixation,
    Plug connection and 1 threaded plug
  • Cap adapter filter Ø 10 mm, standard filter, ring Ø 11.5 x 1 mm
  • LL female tube attachment Ø 6.5 mm
  • Tube Ø 5 mm (inner diameter), 30 cm
  • Art. No.   78SK00
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