Versatile user options and two motor
connections for maximum comfort

Thanks to its diverse application functions, for driving an electronic motor for drilling and sawing on bones, as well as for shaving treatment in the ENT area or head and neck surgery the SpeedSurg control unit can handle the entire range of ENT applications. The system automatically detects the connected motors and controls the appropriate modes. A built-in warning function notifies the operator about the start of the HighSpeed mode, the running direction and most possible system failures.

Control Unit

  • 300-80.000 rpm, continuously
  • Integrated warning function
  • 8 roller pump
  • Art.No.   78CU80-EN

HighSpeed electronic motor for micro drill system

  • Compact low-vibration motor with up to 80.000 rpm
  • Sturdy Design
  • Light weight
  • Compatible with all SPIGGLE & THEIS HighSpeed handpieces
  • Art.No.   78MM08003