Stapes Prostheses

Stapes Prostheses

The shape of a stapes prosthesis resembles a question mark. The curved part is placed around the long incus and fixed in different ways, depending on the model. The cylindrical shaft is passed through a hole in the footplate. This restores the mechanical sound conduction chain. Sound can now be conducted from the eardrum via the residual ossicular chain and the implant through the stapedial
Typically, stapes prostheses are used as a replacement for the stapedius, i.e. the stirrup bone, with the footplate fixed in place.
Common materials used to make the prostheses are platinum, a combination of platinum and PTFE and, increasingly, titanium.
In 2008, we began using a special combination of super-elastic nitinol with PTFE.

Information concerning the MRI-Safety is stored here:

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Stapes Prostheses
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Stapes-Prostheses - Superelastic Nitinol

Stapes Prostheses

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Stapes Prostheses

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