nasal splints

External Nasal Splints, Thermoplastic

Here, thermoplastic is used to describe a substance that changes its consistency and stability under temperature influence. When heated in a water bath, the material changes its colour from white to transparent and becomes malleable under the influence of warmth. The process is reversed by cooling i.e. the product sets in the modelled shape. Using such material for an external nasal splint allows individual fitting according to the patients anatomy.
  • Much less time and work required than with plaster of paris
  • Includes three-part foam bridge
  • Five sizes in two different thicknesses
  • Self-adhesive back (NOT 2051010 and 2050010)
  • Non-sterile
Externe Nasenschiene Thermoplastik
Art. No.A x B x CThicknessSizePackaging
205010056 x 38 x 30 mm2.4 mmsmall10 pieces / box
205020064 x 40 x 36 mm2.4 mmstandard10 pieces / box
205030066 x 42 x 45 mm2.4 mmlarge10 pieces / box
205110056 x 38 x 30 mm1.6 mmsmall 10 pieces / box
205120064 x 40 x 36 mm1.6 mmstandard10 pieces / box
205130066 x 42 x 45 mm1.6 mmlarge10 pieces / box
Art. No.A x B ThicknessSize Packaging
205000080 x 50 mm2.4 mmcut to size10 pieces / box
2050010100 x 75 mm2.4 mmcut to size10 pieces / box
205100080 x 50 mm1.6 mmcut to size10 pieces / box
2051010100 x 75 mm1.6 mmcut to size10 pieces / box