Lipo Harvesting-Set

Harvesting cannula

Careful harvesting is crucial to ensure successful and lasting autologous fat augmentation in the vocal folds. In addition to a low level of negative pressure when harvesting, the special shape, arrangement and cut of the suction holes ensure safe harvesting of the fat cells. Once harvested, the cannula tube provides the fat cells with enough space, so that they can be drawn up into the syringe, without added pressure.


The Lipo Harvesting Cannula is only available as a component of the Lipo Harvesting-Set 


  • Atraumatic beveled suction holes on the cannula tip
  • Low suction pressure, thanks to manually build-up pressure
  • Special arrangement of the suction holes
  • Harvesting cannula with large-volume inner shaft

Lipo Harvesting-Set

  • 1x lipo harvesting cannula
  • 1x 14G cannula
  • 4x 10 ml syringes
  • 4x 1 ml syringes
  • 4x push-in stoppers
  • 4x Luer-Lock plugs
  • 1x Discofix® C (connector for fat transfer)
Art.-No. 3080-0100