Sterile Covers

Microscopes, mobile x-ray units, cameras or other medical devices are nowadays part of the standard equipment in operating rooms and used in many cases on a regular daily basis. Due to the continuously increasing hygienic demands, constant high-quality standards, easy and safe handling and a wide range of products are mandatory.
SPIGGLE & THEIS can also offer such a wide range of diverse top-quality products in the field of sterile covers. Remarkable new product features are, for example, the new glass lense quality for microscope covers and the patented clip-system for the multi-part C-Arm covers.

For further specifications please see the individual product descriptions.

We introduced numerous specific innovations to this product line. We expanded our portfolio and made critical quality improvements.

In particular, we expanded our range of universal covers and C-arm covers.

Product enhancements include the new HighQuality/Glass lens quality and angled lenses for microscope covers.

See the individual product descriptions to learn more.

Our products

Sterile Microscope Covers


Sterile C-Arm Covers


Sterile Console, Camera and Sundry Covers

Sterile console covers (banded bags), arthroscopy camera covers and sundry covers
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