Handpiece and burs for CI procedures

Supreme control and usability in everyday use

Quality characteristics

  • Low vibration
  • SecureLock - Acoustic and tactile feedback confirms the correct and safe attachment of the handpiece
  • QuickRelease - For easy and safe release of rotating instruments. Thanks to the special drill shank and the QuickRelease function, the fast drill replacement during surgery becomes child's play.
  • Blue, 75 mm, angled, 80.000 rpm, for CI-burs
    (Art.-No. 78CI1080)

Shaft coupling

The secure locking of a rotating instrument with the handpiece is guaranteed by the shaft. It is part of the QuickRelease system and allows carefree work.

Bendable cooling tube

  • For CI HighSpeed drill handpiece, suitable for 78CI1080
  • Constant flow
  • For flexible alignment
  • With profile for better grip
  • Sterile
  • Single use
  • 20 pieces / box

Art.Nr. 78KSHS


Irrigation Set for Cooling Agent

  • For High- Low- and CI-HighSpeed applications
  • Pre-installed fixing clips on hose set
  • Sterile
  • Single use
  • 10 pieces/box
  • Art.No. 78ZS07

Rotating Instruments for HighSpeed applications

Skilled workmanship and inventive design are the driving forces of our rotating instruments. Their design guarantees low-vibration drilling and milling work with the highest precision. The different geometries and different diameters allow excellent operative results. The distinctive cutting geometry of the A-toothing concept makes it unique in its class and enables superior nontraumatic, fast drilling and milling.

We have provided our sterile reusable CI burs with a blue color coding for fast and secure assignment.

  • tapered
CI-Bohrer (Walze)
  • tapered (barrel)

Diamond, medium coarse grain
Sterile, reusable, 1 piece/box

Art. No.Head diamter (mm)Length (mm)
HSDMZCI06X0.6 (barrel)93

Rotating Instruments CI-HighSpeed-Mastoidectomy

We have also color coded our sterile reusable CI burs for mastoidectomy for fast and secure assignment.

  • Drilling head with asymmetrical cutting design
  • Low vibration

Sterile, reusable, 1 piece/box

Art. No.BladesHead diameter (mm)Length (mm)
  • Atraumatic and fast drilling and milling
  • Low vibration

Steel, A-Toothing
Sterile, reusable, 1 piece/box

Art. No.BladesHead diameter (mm)Length (mm)
  • Dense and uniform diamond distribution for exact grinding behavior

Diamond, medium grain
Sterile, reusable, 1 piece/box

Art. No.Head diameter (mm)Length (mm)

Stand for rotating instruments, CI-HighSpeed

  • Length CI
  • Stainless steel
  • Sterilizable
  • For 16 burs

  • Art. No. BS78CI016

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