Voice Inject®

Autologous fat as filler for the treatment of glottal insufficiency


  • Minimally invasive sampling of homogeneous, autologous fat by liposuction, with patented sampling cannula
  • Sampling of fat particles with optimal size for reinjection
  • Autologous material, no rejection reactions like granuloma formation, etc.
  • Preparation of the extracted material in a closed system
  • Special needle for the cell protecting transfer of the autologous fat into the vocal fold


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Wullstein Microhook “Colour Line“

Colour coding for fast identification of angle and length of the hook:


  • Biocompatible
  • Autoclavable
  • No fading by continuous disinfection process
    or mechanical cleaning methods
  • non-conductive
  • High adhesive strength, impact and abrasion resistance


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TubaInsert® and TubaVent® short

Single use insertion instrument for comfortable handling


The well-known reliability of the sterilisable combined insertion instrument applies to the single use insertion instrument as well. The single use insertion instrument was developed based on experience and in close cooperation with its users.

  • Improved handling due to a shorter insertion distance in case of narrow anatomic conditions, for example in children
  • Three different geometries matching any anatomy
  • Optimal ergonomics and a serrated surface allow comfortable and safe handling
  • Compatible in length with TubaVent® short
  • The single use insertion instrument allows for doing without lengthy treatment processes after use
  • Especially well suited for first-time users


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Tuba Clean®

Probing and flushing catheter for the Tuba Eustachii


The catheter can be used during various surgical interventions at the middle ear (tympanoplasty I to III or tympanoscopy) to probe the Eustachian tube for blockages or to flush it with a sterile liquid.

  • Checking the Tuba Eustachii for blockage from the situs of the ear
  • Removal of mucus from the tympanic membrane and the middle ear
  • Improved ventilation enables quicker recovery
  • Atraumatic olive-shaped tip


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New patient website


screenshot blocked ears

Approximately 1% of the adult population suffer from Eustachian tube dysfunction. Since 2009 Balloon Dilatation of the Eustachian Tube with the TubaVent®-Catheter is a new treatment option to tackle the cause of this dysfunction. On the new website www.blocked-ears.com those affected can find easy to understand information in words and pictures about the symptoms and treatment with the help of the TubaVent®-Catheter.



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