Balloon dilation of the Eustachian tube

Minimally invasive therapy concept for chronic tube ventilation disorders

The SPIGGLE & THEIS TubaVent® dilation catheter was designed and developed especially to treat the Eustachian Tube Dysfunction in a safe, fast, minimally invasive way.

Being the first system on the market, a worldwide community of satisfied TubaVent® users has successfully been established. With more than 100,000 placed catheters, high patient satisfaction and a significant long-term improvement in Eustachian Tube Score (ETS), this method has more than proved itself in practice.

"Particularly when dealing with chronic tube dysfunction or middle ear pathologies, the SPIGGLE & THEIS TubaVent® system provides a means to approach the black box of Eustachian Tube treatment in an extremely effective, yet minimally invasive way."
(Prof. Dr. H. Sudhoff)

Tube dilation with a balloon catheter is an atraumatic and interventional alternative therapy for persistent obstructive tube dysfunction. This concept of therapy has established itself in modern otolaryngology and allows the treating physician to provide a causal, targeted therapy for his patients. To date, approximately, 100,000 successful dilations have been carried out worldwide in the last nine years.

  • TubaVent® catheter, working length 35.5 cm


For a more detailed overview of balloon dilatation, possible applications and procedures, as well as other components of the TubaVent® instrumentation, please see our product brochure, which you can download here:

Prof. Dr. Sudhoff

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. H. Sudhoff,
FRCS (Lon), FRCPath, Chief Physician

of the Bielefeld clinic 
(ENT, head
and neck 
surgery clinic), Germany



The dilation of the auditory tube provides the possibility for the first time to treat the cause of many chronic middle ear infections.

Prof. Dr. H. Sudhoff

Characteristics of the TubaVent®

  • Optimum length guarantees complete dilatation of the cartilaginous part
  • Controlled dilatation at 10 bar
  • WL 355 mm, balloon 3 x 20 mm, sterile
Art. No.    2080-1300320

Anatomy and procedure

  • 1) Anatomy of the Tuba Eustachii
  • 3) Ballon catheter inflated
  • 2) Ballon catheter deflated
  • 4) Visibly dilated Tuba Eustachii

      Video Documentation TubaVent®