GELITA X-BLOD® SINUS - absorbable nasal tampon, sterile

For local hemostasis and tamponade during and after rhinosurgical procedures

The X-BLOD® gelatin sponge consists of 100% purified gelatin and is fully resorbable. Due to its special porous structure the product can absorb up to 40 times of its own weight. X-BLOD® is used in dry condition!


  • Epistaxis
  • Sinus surgery
  • Conchotomy
  • Rhinoplasty in combination with nasal pressure packing
Art. No.DimensionsPacking
GR6530080 x 25 x 4 mm10 pieces per box

Advantages of X-BLOD®

  • Stops most bleeding extremely quick
  • Resorbed within two to five days (does not have to be removed)
  • Non-adhesive
  • Rapid absorption of liquids (blood and secretions) within seconds
  • Very user-friendly (time saving as no preconditioning required)
  • Use in venous or other seeping wounds, which cannot be staunched by existing means
  • Very high liquid absorption capacity (“keeps the surgical field dry“)
  • Carrier for e.g. antibiotic medication
  • 100% bio-compatibility
X-BLOD® is used in dry condition!

Properties of standard gelatin sponges:

  • Need to moisten or other preconditioning
  • Absorption time up to 4 minutes and more
  • Low absorption capacity
standard gelatin sponge

Advantages of X-BLOD® Resorbable Gelatin Sponge:

  • No need for any preconditioning
  • Very short absorption time (in most cases bleedings are stopped well within 2 minutes)
  • Very high absorption capacity (X-BLOD® can absorb liquids up to 40 times of its own weight)
  • Fully resorbable - no need to remove from the bleeding site
  • Non-adhesiv
X-BLOD® Resorbable Gelatin Sponge

*) Evaluation of haemostatic performance of products in a haemorrhage simulating model.
Watch a video about the use of the X-BLOD® Absorbable Gelatin Sponge:
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