Length measurement dummies, or "sizers" are used to ascertain the required length of an implant

  • Easily measure required implant length
  • Stable
  • Can be used with both our one- and two-part implants
  • Similar in form to original implants in order to eliminate false measurements due to poorly comprehensible length scales
  • Length lasered onto implant head
  • Partial length is insert length not the overall length
  • Available individually or in sets
  • Special container for sterilizing is available
  • Non-sterile, but easy to sterilize

The dummies are comparatively wide and do not have a sufficiently smooth surface to be used as implants.
Such use is strictly prohibited!
Art. No.DescriptionOverall length in mmInsert length in mmPackaging
11000-D20sizer for TORP2.00 1 piece
11000-D25sizer for TORP2.50 1 piece
11000-D30sizer for TORP3.00 1 piece
11000-D35sizer for TORP3.50 1 piece
11000-D40sizer for TORP4.00 1 piece
11000-D45sizer for TORP 4.50 1 piece
11000-D50sizer for TORP5.00 1 piece
11000-D55sizer for TORP5.50 1 piece
11000-D60sizer for TORP6.00 1 piece
11000-D65sizer for TORP6.50 1 piece
11000-D70sizer for TORP7.00 1 piece
11000-D75sizer for TORP7.50 1 piece
12000-D05sizer for PORP1.500.501 piece
12000-D10sizer for PORP2.001.001 piece
12000-D15sizer for PORP2.501.501 piece
12000-D17sizer for PORP2.751.751 piece
12000-D20sizer for PORP3.002.001 piece
12000-D25sizer for PORP3.502.501 piece
12000-D30sizer for PORP4.003.001 piece
12000-D35sizer for PORP4.503.501 piece
12000-D40sizer for PORP5.004.001 piece
12000-D45sizer for PORP5.504.501 piece
12000-D50sizer for PORP6.005.001 piece
12000-D55sizer for PORP6.505.501 piece