Rotary Instruments

Rotary Instruments

Burs make the difference!

To be used where the surgeon requires high precision and safety!



When choosing rotary instruments, the following criteria are important:

Sharpness – Precision – Safety – Economical Price



Our rotary instruments have other important additional advantages:


  • Minimum vibration and a smooth rotary action protect individual burs and the costly handpieces
  • Extended bur life with improved cutting capabilities
  • Efficient removal of tissue resulting from a well designed bur head
  • Burs with round shanks
  • All shafts have a regular diameter of 2.35 mm

Please notice that there are many standards of shank, length, head form and various other details in the range of rotary instruments. For this reason it is nearly impossible to show all available variations here. Please take the instruments offered here only as a selection of our complete range.

As in other areas, we are able to meet specific customer needs. If you can't  find the exact instrument that you are looking for, just ask.

In this range, as in all other ranges, we only offer products manufactured to the highest standards of quality.

The most important characteristics are the use of selected materials and precision manufacturing, basic prerequisites for an optimal cutting performance, the best rotation properties and a high life expectancy.

Please remember, that rotary instruments are precision tools, which require careful treatment, regarding storage, handling and preparation.



NEW!  We offer a wide range of sterile burs too. NEW!


Please feel free to ask which models and sizes belong to our expanded portfolio.


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